Gun buyers hit stores amid president's actions

Others back President Obama's plan on gun control

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - President Barack Obama's actions on gun control are sparking debate, sending many gun owners to stores in Jacksonville to pick up ammunition as others hope that Congress takes swift action to approve more regulations.

Parking lots were packed at gun stores across Duval County after the president on Wednesday announced his plan to use executive powers to promote stricter gun regulations.

"I think he's taking away our civil rights, and I'm here to practice my civil rights and buy some more ammo and possibly another gun," gun owner Mike Rakow said.

One couple decided to stop by a gun range to shoot before heading in the store to make a purchase.

Across town, one Westside shop was reporting record sales.

"Try to keep a pretty good supply in stock, but no matter how many we get, they kind of move out the door pretty quick," said Phillip Gazaleh, a gun seller at Green Acres Sporting Goods.

At Green Acres, AR-15s are a best seller. They'll cost buyers about $1,000, but because the demand is so high, prices could be going up.

"There's elderly people that are coming in for protection, there are younger people that are first-time gun buyers that are just getting of age to purchase a gun that are worried they're not going to be able to," Gazaleh said. "A lot of people buying high-cap magazines."

Despite the fact stores are cashing in, there are people who stand by the president, refusing to support gun sales.

Regardless of the president's efforts, it's up to Congress to decide if a new gun control bill that could ban military-style assault weapons is a good idea.

Until then, gun owners say they'll continue to stock up.

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