Gun rights attorney says Senate made right decision

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The decision Wednesday to defeat a gun bill from being signed into law shocked many, but attorney Eric Friday, who represents the gun rights group Florida Carry, says his group is the right ones on the issue.

In a 54-46 vote, the Senate rejected a bill that would have expanded background checks online and at gun shows.

About an hour later, bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines were also defeated.

"Which of these provisions would have actually stopped Sandy Hook? Which provision would have stopped the Tuscon shooting? Which provision would have actually stopped the Aurora, Colo., shooting?" Friday said. "Because none of the suggested fixes that they were wanting to put in place would have stopped any of those crimes."

Friday says the focus needs to be on who is committing these horrific acts, not the tool they're using.

"The mental health community and the mental health treatment community need to get together and figure out a way to identify people who need treatment and get them the help they need before they commit these acts," Friday said.

Channel 4 safety expert Ken Jefferson says he's against the Senate's decision not to expand background checks.

"You don't want anybody being able to just walk into a gun show and purchase a gun without checking them out, without having them having an expanded background check done on them," Jefferson said. "That's just like giving guns away."

It's a hotly debated topic that's creating quite a stir around town.

"I have a daughter. The Sandy Hook shooting affected me greatly, just having innocent lives being taken," Alison Myers said. "At the same time, part of the beauty of our country is our freedom."

"If you have a problem with getting a background check done and you want to be a gun owner, then there's clearly a reason why you shouldn't be a gun owner," Alicia Bertine said. "So I think they probably should go after that bill again. The Senate needs to pass it."

Even 7-year-old Isabelle Myers has an opinion. She says ultimately it's about whose hands the weapon is in.

"Bad guys have bad guns and good guys have good guns," she said.

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