Gun show turnout higher than expected

Demand for guns and ammunition have not dropped

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Guns and ammunition are hot topics both locally and nationally. And gun dealers say they're still seeing record demand for both firearms and ammo as lawmakers push for stricter gun laws. This weekend in Jacksonville, there was another gun show, hosted by Cliffhangers, which saw high sales.

Some who came to the gun show say the crowds weren't as big as they were a few months ago, they still say this weekend's gun show was very busy.

Many people filled the Prime Osborne Convention Center this weekend, looking to get deals on guns, ammo and accessories.  A few months ago many gun shows had long lines just to get in. On Sunday, we didn't see that, but still saw a large deal of business.

"It's not really changed a lot over the last few years. We have generally high levels at all of our gun shows." William Russ said.

North Florida Arms Collectors Association president William Russ says these events have always been popular as of late, but things are calming down a bit as laws pushing for stronger gun regulations fail to pass. He says consequently, prices which were sky high months ago, are starting to get a little better.

"since that was killed in congress, the prices are starting to come down now, as I've seen on a lot of vendor tables around the show," he said.

Dealer Raymond Wallace says 22's, 9 millimeters, and 380's are some of the most difficult caliber bullets to buy. Still he thinks the demand will slowly go down and then the supply will come up. And soon, he believes, sales will be back to normal.

"Another two or three months before they catch up," Wallace said.

Cliffhanger's is hosting another gun show next weekend at the Columbia County fairgrounds in Lake City.

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