Hand grenades found at Downtown Disney

Hollowed-out devices safely removed by Orange County Sheriff's Office

ORLANDO, Fla. - Three hand grenades were found near Downtown Disney on Wednesday evening, according to authorities.

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, the grenades were discovered by a maintenance worker who was emptying a trash receptacle in the back lot of Downtown Disney.

The devices were close enough to the cast services building for it to be evacuated. This implies that a case member or worker may have put them there because guests are not allowed onto back lots.

Disney officials notified the Sheriff's Office after discovering the grenades, which resulted in the deployment of Orange County's bomb squad.

Once on scene, technicians said they determined the three devices to be hollowed out training grenades and did not appear to be dangerous.

The OCSO said the grenades were safely removed.

Disney would not comment about security concerns.

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