Headstone donated to mourning family

Family could not afford gravestone after Palm Coast mother's killing

By Elizabeth Campbell - Reporter , Heather Leigh - Reporter

PALM COAST, Fla. - A family of six who lost their mother to a tragedy will now hopefully gain a sense of peace after a special ceremony honoring their mother Friday.

Zuheily Rosado was shot and killed in February 2013 while working at a Palm Coast gas station to support her six children. One of her daughters was upset because she said her mother's grave was the only one at the cemetery without a headstone, and that no one would know who her mom was because she didn't have a marker.

"We used to come here and all we had was that little thing just with her name there like she wasn't important," said 16-year-old Keily Rosado, Zuheily's daughter.

She tried to raise money but could only get $100. But now thanks to the Justice Coalition and Southern Monument, a brand-new headstone was unveiled at Rosado's grave Friday.

Keily and her sister Teysha unraveled the strings on the veil, only to be greeted by their mom's smile.

The headstone cost a little more than $1,000, and on the back, all six of Rosado's children's names are engraved.

The girls and their grandfather also set free six doves, one for each of the kids. Teysha said the doves were also a way to let their mom know she's loved.

"I feel like I'm not doing anything by talking to myself and telling her, so I'm just going to let the doves do the work," Teysha said. "And as they fly, my mom would know that we do love her and that we don't forget her, we're just trying to move on."

The girls also received two tablets, plus a year's subscription to wireless Internet so that they can continue on with their education.

Ann Dugger said the Justice Coalition couldn't be happier to help make this happen.

"Being able to have this for remembrance today, there could be a place they can go back and see their mother has a name, they can sit at the grave and find a place of remembrance and remember those things that were so special to them as they were growing up," Dugger said.

Dugger said Friday's ceremony may finally bring this family the happiness they deserve.

The man accused of killing Rosado was arrested in September and is being held without bond while awaiting trial.

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