Heroic teen helps catch hit-and-run driver

Fletcher High School student hit by car suffers minor injuries

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. - A high school football player helped authorities catch a hit-and-run suspect who hit a student in Neptune Beach on Friday night.

It happened in front of the stadium as people were leaving after the Fletcher High School football team played Apopka High School in a playoff game.

According to witnesses, the car drove up onto the sidewalk and knocked a woman off her feet. 

Evan Satterfield, a senior player on the Fletcher football team, saw the crime and sprang into action. 

"As I turned and looked, I saw her get hit by the car," said Satterfield. "You know, she went flying up in the air and her purse went up and, at first, (it) just scared the life out of me."

But Satterfield didn't think twice. He started running, following the vehicle that he saw hit his friend. Satterfield said he chased the car down and was able to pull out his phone and took down the tag number. 

"Finally caught up and started, you know, banging on the car and I was like, 'Stop, stop. You just hit somebody. You just hit someone,' and that's when he just looked at me and just, like kept on going like nothing happened," said Satterfield.

According to the police report, William Blackston was driving the car that struck the woman. He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in injury and careless driving.  He could also face a DUI charge when the results of a blood-alcohol test are complete.

"I came back and there were cop cars and ambulances and there was a crowd gathered,'" said Satterfield. "They were, like, you know, they didn't really know what to do. And I said, 'It's OK, I got his plate. I know what his car looks like. I got a clear shot of him."

Police said they were able to catch up to Blackston and arrest him a few minutes later. 

The teenage victim suffered a gash to her arm from the impact of the vehicle that hit her, but is expected to make a full recovery.

"I probably wouldn't have left had she been seriously injured, just because taking care of her would've been my main priority. But when she said she's alright, that was like to me, pretty much a green light, like OK, she's taken care of, now I gotta take care of this," said Satterfield.

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