Hurry up! Tax Day's almost here

Financial planner says get taxes done fast if you haven't already

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - April 15th -- it's a date many dread -- but unfortunately there's no avoiding it.

Tax Day is Monday, and whether you do your taxes yourself or have an expert do it for you, experts say if you've waited this long, get it done fast.

You might think filing your taxes at the last minute is a bad idea, but for people like Greg Williams who are self-employed, it just works out better.

"If you rush things, you can make mistakes," he said.

Although waiting until the last minute works for Williams, financial planner Carolyn McClanahan doesn't think it's the best idea for everyone. She says those who haven't filed should do so immediately and fast, and she has some advice.

"If they have some money set aside, one consideration they can do is put money into a deductible IRA, and that's going to reduce their tax burden so they save money on taxes, plus they get to start saving for their future," McClanahan said.

McClanahan also says you should ask questions. Small mistakes are so easy to make. And ask questions especially if you have children in college to avoid any confusion on who is the dependent.

If you're looking for a faster refund, file electronically and use direct deposit. And don't forget you can file for an extension.

But McClanahan says people need to remember extensions don't give you more time to pay. You still have to pay what you owe -- the extension only applies to filling out the paper work.

"Even if you can't afford everything you think might be due on your taxes, pay what you can because that's going to reduce the amount of the fine," McClanahan said.

"Oh, I hope to get to everything this weekend," tax filer Latrece Rowell said. "We have everything all in a box, so hopefully I can do it and not have to worry about it anymore."

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