Inside Gate station during Jordan Davis' shooting

Michael Dunn charged with murder in 17-year-old's shooting death

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Surveillance video released Wednesday by the state attorney's office shows what was happening inside the Gate gas station while 17-year-old Jordan Davis was shot and killed in the parking lot.

In a dark suit and white blouse, Rhonda Rouer is seen walking through the Gate station store on Southside Boulevard at Baymeadows Road, then bringing a bottle of wine and a bag of chips to the checkout counter.

Waiting for her change, the clerk reacts to gunfire in the parking lot.

"Somebody's shooting, somebody's shooting ... I swear to God," the clerk is heard saying. "Call the cops. Oh my God."

Rouer, whose face is blurred in the video by court order, leaves the chips and wine on the counter and walks out of the store to rejoin her boyfriend, Michael Dunn, who police say fired eight shots into an SUV carrying Jordan and three other teenagers.

Back in the store, the clerk describes what she sees to her co-worker and even puts both her hands up to mimic how Dunn held the gun.

About one minute later, a customer comes in with pertinent information: the license plate number for the gunman.

UNCUT VIDEO: 12 minutes of Gate station surveillance video

Channel 4's crime analyst Ken Jefferson says this video can be key evidence in an eventual murder trial for Dunn.

"She'll be called on to describe how he was holding his gun, what position he was in, where were the cars located, all these questions are very relevant to the prosecution of this individual."


Criminal defense attorney Randy Reep says the discovery material presented in this case strongly favors the state.

"If he can articulate that he had a reasonable fear of great bodily injury or death, he's allowed to use deadly force," Reep said. "The fact that he gets out of his car and crouches down, as a defense attorney I'm going to argue that he had made the decision to use deadly force and the fact that he used it effectively shouldn't be held against him. The problem is he has a fleeing car, he's having to already show where he's the only one who sees a gun, I think that's a long argument for him to try to make."

The problem for both sides: This is the only surveillance video they have to analyze. There's no video of happening outside the store, where Davis was shot.

"Which is why this case will ultimately probably go to trial, because there's so much on the line for both sides and we don't have clear evidence," Reep said. "Have testimony of people and the credibility of those people will be weighed by the jury."

In the interview, Rouer said Dunn told her that the teens had threatened to kill him and that's why he opened fire. But she said he never mentioned seeing him with a gun.

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