Intersections with the Most Car Accidents!

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See the Intersections with the Most Car Accidents in Jacksonville!

When major tragedies hit, we're accustomed to hearing the large numbers involved in those events, like "dozens/hundreds/thousands killed" or "billions of dollars in damages". It's easy to overlook the car accidents that cost money, lives, and health one "small" incident at a time. In 2012, Jacksonville's top 25 High Frequency Crash (HFC) intersections were responsible for 4 accidents per day. That number leaps to approximately 39 accidents per day, or just over 14k car accidents per year according to a Florida Highway Safety 2009 report, if we include all of Duval County. 112 of those accidents resulted in death.

Many of the HFC intersections are located near one another. In one case, two HFC sites are located 500 feet away from each other. The intersections of Blanding and Argyle Forest, and Blanding and Youngerman Circle are the locations of 146 accidents per year. Drive 500 feet north of Youngerman and you'll reach Collins, the site of 70 more car accidents.

With the forever increasing costs of automobile insurance and maintenance, as well as the potential for a huge bill if one should get into a car accident, it may be a part of one's due diligence to be less concerned about a potential break-in, and to more concerned about the likelihood of being involved in a car accident.

 This list shows the number of crashes at HFC sites for all of 2012. 

Intersections with the Most Car Accidents in Jacksonville!

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