Jacksonville City Council votes to review term limits

Council decides city can go to court to determine whether Jim Fuller can run again

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville City Council voted to review term limits with the federal court, which means Duval County Clerk of Courts Jim Fuller may not be able to run for a fourth term.

The council voted 16-2 Tuesday night, deciding that the city can go to court to determine whether Fuller is allowed on the ballot this election year. Fuller was elected to the clerk's position in 2001.

Term limit laws have been reinstituted in the State of Florida, which may mean that Fuller cannot run for another term. Fuller seemed confident he could run even after the council voted.

"It's fine, it's fine. If they want to go to court that's fine. I think we're right," said Fuller. "I don't think that the case affects me. If they want to do that, we'll do that. I think we'll win."

Fuller said because he's a court officer, the term limit law doesn't apply to him -- as opposed to elected officials like city councilman or the mayor.

"You look at the charter, I'm under article 5, not article 4. Constitutional officer, court officer," said Fuller.  "I think we have a good case. See what the judge says."

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