Jacksonville dermatologist talks 'Tanning mom'

Patricia Kentcil accused of letting daughter, 6, into tanning both

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville-based dermatologist says he's never seen a face like the New Jersey mother accused of letting her 6-year-old daughter go into a tanning booth.

Patricia Krentcil was arrested on April 24th. She pleaded not guilty to child endangerment charges and was released on bail.

New Jersey law prohibits anyone under the age of 14 from using a tanning booth.

Reports show that Krentcil would go tanning about 20 times each month, leading to speculation that she suffers from tanorexia, an addition to tanning.

Dr. Michael Bernhardt, a dermatologist, said skin cancer appears to be a concern.

"You don't want to be 35 and look like you're 70, and to do something that will predispose you to cancer. Getting that much sun is like giving someone four packs of cigarettes a day and saying, 'Good luck,'" said Bernhardt. "I don't know this person, haven't taken care of them, but, certainly, from looking at that picture, there's photo-aging involved -- that she may be a little younger than her skin shows."

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