Coach, fans react to Jags' fifth consecutive loss

Head coach made speech to players in locker room following loss to Rams

By Elizabeth Campbell - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Another loss for the Jaguars, something fans are getting frustrated and angry about.

Sunday was the first game for Justin Blackmon after his four-game suspension and he was looking good, but unfortunately wasn't enough to bring the Jags a win.

Many are wondering what's next?

This was the Jags' fifth consecutive loss. The Rams were on a losing streak too, but they broke that Sunday, beating the Jaguars 34 to 20. This has been very frustrating for fans and a lot of people weighed in our or FB page after the game yesterday.

"Just my thoughts, but it's impossible to fire an entire team, unless bankruptcy is filed. And, now Joekel is out for the season. It must be the water here; if a player who comes here has any potential, they shortly go to ruin." said Jags fan, Anne Clayton.

"Get rid of Jones Drew, replace your entire offensive line, teach your defense how to tackle and hire one good quarterback... The alternative ,face another losing season in Jacksonville," said Jags fan, Tike Cash

Jags' head coach, Gus Bradley made a speech to the guys after the game in the locker room that was very positive, despite their fifth straight loss of the season.

Bradley went on to say that they all know that they need to improve in a lot of areas, but not to hold on to the past. That it's about now and they still have to go after it.