Debate results could sway local voters

Some voters already decided, some waiting to decide after debates

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Wednesday night's first presidential debate of 2012 could be a game changer for many local voters.

When the two rivals for the presidency face off, millions of voters will be watching.

In Jacksonville a lot of people are weighing in on what they want to see in in Wednesday night's presidential debate.

The experts say the majority have already decided on their choice, but for others, debates could be the game changer.

"I've made up my mind," voter Asia Bills said. "Don't know. A lot of people I know have made up their minds, but this could sway some people who are on the fence."

"I'm still kind of up in the air, but probably go with Obama," voter Claudia Lovett said. "I think debates are really important."

Wednesday at UNF, political science professor Michael Binder is running a phone survey on the presidential elections and other elections important to Florida voters.

He says it's very difficult to win an election in the first debate, but if one of the candidates mess up, there's a possibility the tide could turn.

"Whether or not you have people with home runs, some people have come out and thought Romney would be hitting hard," Dr. Binder said. "There will be a couple of jabs. I don't know if anyone's going to throw the big bomb this early."

Binder said both parties have good debaters. President Obama is considered a great speaker by many and Romney has had a lot of practice in debates.

"They got a lot of practice in the primaries," Dr. Binder said. "In 08, Republicans felt they got out-debated. So what did they do? They gave themselves a lot of practice, a couple dozen of at least debates this spring. If you look at Romney a year ago, he's much better now. Obama's always been good, so I think it's going to be a solid debate."

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