Drivers frequently cutting railroad crossing ahead of train, viewer says

Violation carries $164 fine, according to FHP

By Jenese Harris - Reporter/anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Many drivers who pass over a Westside railroad crossing appear to be taking a high risk, crossing the tracks as lights flash, warning of an approaching train.

Video shared with News4Jax shows drivers passing through the crossing at West Beaver Street and Ellis Road as a train gets closer. The concerned viewer who shared the video is worried someone is going to get hit.

"I see everybody going through this," the viewer said. "It (is) very dangerous."

In at least one case, a tractor trailer cut in front of another semi that was also crossing.

Troopers want everyone to be aware that these drivers are breaking the law. The Florida Highway Patrol says crossing the tracks as a train approaches is a moving violation.

Why are the drivers taking the risk? One person told News4Jax, it's because a train frequently blocks the road for a long period of time.

So, News4Jax on Friday afternoon went to the railroad crossing at Ellis and West Beaver. The train was already sitting on the tracks, where it remained motionless for at least 18 minutes.

No matter how long the wait, the viewer hopes people will stop trying to beat the train.

Drivers caught crossing the railroad tracks when a train is approaching can receive a $164 moving violation and points added onto their license.

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