Evidence shows man confessed to killing brothers

By Tarik Minor - Anchor, I-TEAM reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Evidence in the state's case against the Jallil Graves -- the man accused of killing two brothers outside a Westside Golden Corral restaurant two years ago -- includes video of the 19-year-old admitting to pulling the trigger in discovery material Channel 4 obtained from the state attorney's office.

Graves and three other men are charged with first-degree murder in the Matthew and Andrew Bohannon (pictured) in July.  Police say the brothers were killed in robbery for drugs and money.

Among the evidence is video of Graves' interrogation, 195 pages of investigative documents and  911 calls alerting police to the shooting.

"Two guys were shot. They are in a white truck," one caller told the 911 operator.

"Someone just got shot in front of Golden Corral on Normandy," a second caller said. "All we saw was (a) white truck try to pull away."

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Attorneys also released surveillance video of two vehicles arriving at the restaurant parking lot. First Graves and three accomplices pull up in a silver SUV, followed by the Bohannon brothers in the white pickup truck. 

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office say Graves arrived with the intention of committing a robbery. Text messages between Matthew Bohannon and one of the suspects indicate there was to be a deal for two ounces of marijuana.

Graves was initially arrested in Clay County for shooting a man in the face at a house party. Investigators say he later told them he also killed Matthew and Andrew Bohannon.

According to court documents, a witness overheard Graves talking about committing the robbery while at that house party. The witness says, "Woods and Graves claimed they had a lot of cash. But both continued to hang out at the party as if nothing ever happened."

Police have also recovered what's believed to be the murder weapon: a 40-caliber handgun. Two 40-caliber shell casings were found at the scene.

The documents also indicate all four suspects admit to participating in the crime.

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