Former ambassador speaks on crisis between Russia, Ukraine

Nancy Soderberg says crisis could have a global impact

By Marques White - Reporter
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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. - Secretary of State John Kerry calls Russia's military incursion into Ukraine 'an incredible act of aggression" and says President Vladimir Putin has made "a stunning, willful" choice to invade another country.

Kerry says Russia should respect the democratic process through which the Ukrainian people ousted their pro-Russian president and assembled a new government.
Kerry is raising the possibility of boycotting the June meeting of the Group of Eight leading industrialized countries in Sochi, Russia.

Channel 4 spoke with a Former United Nations Ambassador who worked under the Clinton administration and who lives in Jacksonville now. Nancy Soderberg has taught political science at the University of Northern Florida.

Soderberg says Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions must come to an end, before the people of Ukraine suffer even more.

"What he's doing is trying to re-assert the Soviet-era, where he can control what happens in the former Soviet Union territory and he's using brutal tactics to do so," said Soderberg.

The United States has already gotten involved.

"The president spent an hour-and-a-half on the phone with President Putin. We've been urging him (Putin) to take more responsible action," said Soderberg.

Soderberg says there is an alliance of NATO countries in that area. She says there are troops in the area that could contain what is happening in the Ukraine.

The crisis in Ukraine could also have a global economic impact.

"It's not good. We want to be able to trade with Russia. We want Russia to be a part of the west," said Soderberg.

Many are hoping the violence in the Ukraine will come to an end.

"Eventually they'll get there. The question is how bloody will it be on that path," Soderberg said.

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