Gas prices lowest of the year

Prices expected to continue dropping

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Gas prices in the area have dropped considerably in just the past few weeks, and they may continue to get even lower than the $3.21 that some have seen.

That's quite a welcomed relief to drivers who have been forking over even more than that for quite some time now.

"Shoot, that sounds good to me," said driver Kevin Coleman. He said it costs him about $100 to fill up his van.

"I need it to go down," Coleman said.

So, why is the price of gas down? Summer travel season is over and, traditionally, gas prices are lower this time of year. There's also talk that relations with the middle east are improving, helping lower the price.

Some experts believe the government shutdown has something to do with the lower prices at the pump because there's less demand right now with so many people staying home.

"My husband's military, so he's already gotten furloughed," said Laura Strickland. "We've been affected by that. Maybe this is the benefit from it."

"I don't know about that. I don't believe that," said Chris Martin. "I think basically it's supply and demand. Probably the whole world oil consumption is down. Who knows?"

Some speculators are predicting gas could fall below $3, and some drivers dream of the day they can see $2.99.

"If it goes up any higher, people are going to be catching the bus and everything," said Flora Monts.

Jacksonville isn't seeing the cheapest gas in the state. Tampa has seen gas prices as low at $3.06.

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