Great apps to help you save

By Nikki Kimbleton - The Morning Show anchor
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Ever get to the store and realize that you left your coupon at home? If you have a smart phone, that doesn't have to happen ever again. Apps are the answer. They put the coupons on your smart phone and help you save in other ways.

The app from "Retail me Not" recently made the list of Consumer Reports favorites because it not only stores coupons, but alerts you to sales wherever you shop.

Another one that gets rave reviews, Pirq. The best thing about this app,it promotes shopping local. Pirq monitors deals from mom and pop, locally owned businesses and then tells you where and when to find them.

Another App that made the favorites list, Redlaser. Say you're out shopping and you find something you want, scan the bar code with your Redlaser app and it will list all of the places around town you can find the product, and tell you if it's cheaper! You can also buy directly from the app and have the item delivered, or pick it up from the store.

One more that made the list, the "Get This" app. When you're watching a show on TV and you see an outfit you like, this "get This" app will actually find the outfit and tell you where it's on sale. That's not all, it will even offer budget friendly alternatives if the garments are pricey. The only downside, this only works on an iPad.

Finally, if you are sick of carrying a key chain full or rewards cards, the "Key Ring Rewards Cards" app will help you free up space. Scan loyalty cards and save the information right on your smart phone.

To find these apps, search for them in App Store on your Android or Apple device.

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