'Hollywood Hacker' faces online stalking complaints

Lawyer: 'Allegations are baseless'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The so-called Hollywood Hacker faces a new complaint about online stalking, but his lawyer calls the allegations baseless.

According to a previously unsealed search warrant, Christopher Chaney, of Jacksonville, who is accused of breaking into e-mail accounts of stars like Scarlett Johansson and sending out their private images, is accused of stalking a woman in Connecticut.

The woman said Chaney broke into her online accounts and sent other people private and embarrassing images. She said Chaney posted some of the images on pornography websites.

"He summarily denies these allegations, and I think he's demonstrated before that, if he felt he was wrong, he would say he was wrong, because he's done it before on TV," said Chaney's lawyer, Chris Chestnutt.

Chestnutt said his client may have admitted on camera for being sorry about the hacking of Hollywood stars, but that doesn't mean he is ready to plead guilty and go to jail.

"It's not that we're retreating from this, but we can't wholly embrace it either because the case is becoming more and more convoluted," said Chestnutt.

The lawyer added that the broader implications of the case could have a huge impact on America. He said it should promote a discussion about laws, internet passwords and the appropriate punishment when someone breaks into an account.

Chaney is scheduled to appear in a federal courtroom in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

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