Jacksonville community calls for action on unsafe road

Residents voice concerns during meeting at Ortega United Methodist Church

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Neighbors say people drive way too fast on Roosevelt Boulevard in Jacksonville.

Earlier this week a man died on Roosevelt Boulevard when he and another driver collided. Officers suspect speed was a factor in that crash and Thursday night, neighbors voiced their concerns over what they are calling a very dangerous road in the community.

Neighbors offered solutions like more patrols and more signs warning drivers about the speed limit Thursday night during a meeting at the Ortega United Methodist Church.

People who live in the area said they don't want to see anyone else killed on this busy street.

"It could have been any of us," said Scott Lucas.

Lucas' spoke out during Thursday night's Sheriff's Advisory Council meeting also known as ShADCo.

Lucas told the small crowd the intersection of Roosevelt Boulevard and Verona Avenue can be dangerous, saying drivers try to speed through the intersection to dodge a red light.

On Tuesday, a father was killed after attempting to make a left turn on Roosevelt Boulevard. Police said the driver of the white car was speeding and failed to stop at the red light.

"Who knows if that could have been prevented, but this tragedy brings attention to the fact that something needs to be done," said Lucas.

Other ideas neighbors and police agreed on were adding patrols and speed signs to areas of Roosevelt Boulevard. They also spoke about adding radar boards to show drivers how fast they are going and remind them to slow down.

One neighbor even asked police if red light cameras could be installed.

"There's a process that we use to determine to use that. You look at how many traffic crashes happen at intersections, severity of traffic crashes," said Assistant Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Chief Pat Ivey. "Unfortunately at this particular intersection, if you compare it to Baymeadows and Southside, Beach and University it wouldn't even be in the same field. It would not be one of those looked into using that type of device."

Another option on the table could be to conduct a traffic study with FDOT. JSO said they may look into the speed limit in certain areas to see if those speeds are appropriate.

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