Jacksonville teen nearly swallows metal piece inside hot dog

Mandarin family wants answers; Tyson Foods says it's investigating

By Corley Peel - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville mother wants answers after her teenage daughter bit into a hot dog and nearly swallowed a piece of metal that was inside.

Allison Nasrallah told News4Jax she was eating a snack at her Mandarin home last week when she bit down onto a piece of metal inside a Ball Park Brand hot dog. The teen said she was terrified.

"The first thought was, 'What if I just swallowed that?'" she said. "That could have been so bad, especially since I was home alone."

Allison’s mother, Ellen Nasrallah, said she immediately called Tyson Foods, which owns Ball Park Brand, to tell them what happened. 

“They want the actual piece of metal and they want the remainder of the hot dogs," Ellen said.

The package of Ball Park Brand hot dogs has the seal from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, showing that they had been inspected.

But the Nasrallah family is still wondering how the metal got inside the hot dog.

News4Jax reached out to Tyson Foods to find out how the metal got inside the hot dog, and whether there have been any other similar reports. 

The company sent a statement, which reads:

Food safety is extremely important to us, so we take this matter very seriously.

Following our established protocol to manage any consumer issue, our consumer team has been in contact with the consumer to find out more about the product involved and what happened. We’re unable to comment further until we have completed our investigation.”

“God forbid this happens to anyone else and the result is disastrous," Ellen said.

For now, Allison said, she’s staying away from hot dogs, regardless of the brand.

“I have never liked hot dogs until recently," she said. "I just started eating them and now I am never eating them again.”

Allison said she hopes the next time, her snack won't be as dangerous.

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