East Arlington Family Dollar hit twice in 2 weeks

Police on Wednesday night arrest 2 masked men accused of trying to rob store

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - There's a neighborhood crime alert in East Arlington, where a Family Dollar was hit twice in two weeks. 

Two men were arrested Wednesday evening after trying to rob the Family Dollar on Monument Road, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

About 9:45 p.m., police said, a cashier inside saw two masked men approaching the store, and quickly closed the door and locked it so the men couldn't get in. 

The two men, Tyriek Sherwood, 19, and Antonio Short, 18, then ran off, police said, but nearby officers were able to chase them down and take them into custody.

Just last week, a 6-year-old boy was held at gunpoint with his mother during an armed robbery at the same Family Dollar, the mother told News4Jax.

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The woman's husband and child's father, Quinton, on Thursday, said he hopes the arrests of Sherwood and Short will bring some closure for his family. He said his wife still has nightmares, and his son can't forget what happened. 

"When we ride by the location, he'll actually say things, like, 'There's bad guys in there getting money.' He just has a really bad impression about that area and that store in general," Quinton told News4Jax. "I let him know that when you do something like that, it does have repercussions and things come back around and you don't want any part of that."

News4Jax is not giving Quinton's last name because the armed robbers have not yet been caught. 

Quinton said he believes there are steps that can be taken to help prevent more crimes from happening in the area.

"Maybe increased patrols, increased security at the store -- they seem vulnerable. I think those are some precautions that could be taken, as well as everyone being a little bit more aware of their surroundings," Quinton said. 

Other people who live in the East Arlington area, near the intersection of Monument and St. Johns Bluff roads, said they couldn't believe the Family Dollar had been hit twice in recent weeks.

"It makes me want to lock my lock my car when I walk away -- even when I'm sitting in it," Morgan Barbe said. "Generally, I feel like it's pretty safe."

News4Jax crime and safety expert Gil  Smith said dollar stores and convenience stores are targeted so often because they typically have cash on hand.

He said the employee working Wednesday night did the right thing by locking the door, adding that all companies need to have policies when it comes to bringing the money to and from the cash register, in order to ensure the safety of the employees and the customers. 

Police have not said whether the two incidents were related. 

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