Landing to be center of Florida-Georgia fun

$10 admission fee Friday, Saturday; rules in place for boaters

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Besides EverBank Field, the Jacksonville Landing will be one of the big hotspots for fans and tailgaters for the Florida-Georgia game this weekend.

"The Landing was voted the place to be for Florida-Georgia weekend," Landing spokesman Michael Chambliss said. "A couple years ago we were named, fortunately from USA Today, as a top 10 place to tailgate in the entire country. We were the only private venue that was actually bestowed that honor."

To join in on the fun, admission to the Landing on Friday and Saturday is $10, and no outside food or drinks are allowed in.

Special Section: Bark vs. Bite

Although it's a giant party, safety is the Landing's No. 1 concern.

"We work very close with (the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office) and (the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department) throughout the weekend to ensure that all the patrons and visitors to Jacksonville and the Landing are completely safe," Chambliss said.

That includes getting to and from the game. And during Florida-Georgia weekend, traffic is a nightmare, both on the road and on the river.

There are a few things boaters need to know before they bring their boat to the Landing. One of the main things is to make sure to bring enough lines to tie the boat to the dock from up to five boats away.

"If you're the fifth boat out, then you have to have lines on your bow and your stern that goes all the way to the dock," said Capt. Jim Suber, Jacksonville Waterways coordinator. "So that's something a lot of people don't realize, and they end up having to leave."

Docking at the Landing is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and boaters have to wear an armband from a boat owner to get on the docks.

Also, the St. Johns River from the Hart Bridge to the Fuller Warren Bridge is a no wake zone.

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