Larry's Garden: Keeping your garden weed-free

How to use materials you might throw away

By Kumasi Aaron - Reporter/The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - When it comes to keeping your garden weed free, Larry O'Neil says cardboard that you usually throw away can be the greatest type of strip mulch that you can use.

"Not many weeds can get through this," O'Neil says.

The first step is to get herbacide and spray area where you are planning to plant. The next step is putting down the cardboard with no gaps. Then take about 4-6 inches of compost and put it over the top.

When done O'Neil says take a rake and mix in some black cow super triphosphate.

"What this does it helps the crops produce the award winning county fair style tomatoes," O'Neil says.

Then, O'Neil says mix in Osmocote, a slow release which can last up to four months. Then add a little bit of milorganite.

O'Neil says till the mixture up and take plant out and poke through the mixture and stick it in and cover roots.

Then O'Neil says take mulch and put it around plant on mixture.

O'Neil says, "Make sure that this is a little higher so it doesn't rot up because this is going to settle down a little bit."

Then its time to watch O'Neil says, and if you have any issues with insects try one season long app of insecticide.

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