Man says he was mistaken for suspect wanted in 'Operation Rap Up'

Police report says Reyuan Tribune resembled convicted felon wanted on warrant

By Destiny McKeiver - Multi-media journalist

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville man said police pulled him over, mistaking him for a wanted suspect. 

Reyuan Tribune told News4Jax he was out eating with friends at the River City Marketplace on Jan. 29, the same day police announced that six men were arrested and three other men were wanted in connection with a social media investigation focused on gun violence in Jacksonville called "Operation Rap Up." 

During "Operation Rap Up," the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said that it arrested documented gang members and convicted felons for participating in rap videos in which they're showcasing guns. It's against the law for a felon to have a gun.

Tribune said he and his friends left dinner when police followed them on Interstate 95 South and pulled them over, with rifles pointed at the car. 

"They're all acting like I was resisting, which I wasn't. They were yelling, 'What's your name? What's your name?' I'm, like, 'Reyuan Tribune. My license is right there. My license is on the dashboard,'" Tribune recounted Wednesday. 

Tribune said his friend was arrested on a charge of marijuana possession, but he kept asking officers why they were pulled over in the first place. 

According to a police report, Tribune, who's also listed as a documented gang member, resembled one the three still wanted in "Operation Rap Up." Police wrote in the report that they were watching an individual who they "believed to be" Dejuane Hayden, a convicted felon wanted in "Operation Rap Up." At the end of the report, officers noted that Tribune was close in appearance to Hayden. 

"I mean, it's basically harassment. It's harassment because they got me labeled as a gang member, so when they saw I wasn't the person they were looking for, why didn't they stop there?" Tribune questioned. 

Tribune said he was handcuffed and taken to a police substation, and later released. 

Tribune also said his neck was injured as police attempted to remove him from the car to search it, and has been to a hospital for that.

He said he has been in trouble with the law, but he's working to get back on track. He said last week's incident is an example of the difficulties he's faced with turning his image around. 

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