Mother of boy murder suspect denied bond

Biannela Susana remains held on $1 million bond until sentencing in October

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The mother of a 13-year-old charged with killing his 2-year-old half brother will remain in jail as she awaits sentencing on a manslaughter charge.

Biannela Susana, 26, pleaded guilty in March to negligent manslaughter in connection with her youngest son's death. Her oldest son, Cristian Fernandez, is accused of first-degree murder in the beating death of the boy.

Wednesday morning, a judge denied Susana's request to reduce her bond, which is currently $1 million.

At a hearing Wednesday morning, Susana's attorney argued that she is not a flight risk and asked that her bond be reduced from $1 million to $50,000. Judge James Daniel denied the motion, saying her current bond is appropriate.

"You can't expect to plead guilty to a crime of taking someone's life and say, 'I want to be free until my trial comes up.' Generally that doesn't happen," Channel 4 crime analyst Ken Jefferson said.

Susana's sentencing hearing is scheduled for October.

Fernandez is being held without bond pending his murder trial and a separate trial on charges of sexual battery involving another sibling.

Advocate Linda Dayson said Susana is very concerned about Fernandez's well-being.

"She's basically a strong person, she's doing her best to be strong about it, and I know inside they have different people that are spiritual that, you know, can comfort each other," Dayson said.

Dayson said Susana is distraught her 2-year-old son never had a proper funeral.

In the past, the state said it would allow Susana to attend a ceremony, escorted by police, at her own expense.

"She was wanting to get the reduction to see possibly that she would go ahead on and already be out versus being incarcerated and then being released with the police and everybody around while she goes to the services," Dayson said.

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