Prices rising at the gas pump

Oil price rose to nearly $102/barrel

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The price of oil rose to near $102 a barrel Thursday on worries about tensions in Ukraine.

The average price for a gallon of gasoline jumped to $3.685, the highest since March 22, 2013. The average is up 15 cents from a year ago, and is 17 cents higher than at this time last year.

The lowest gas prices in Jacksonville are at the Gate gas station off Dunn Ave. east of I-295, according to on Friday morning.  It reports $3.58 for a gallon of regular gasoline.

Many people in Jacksonville say they're adjusting their driving habits because of the rising cost.

"It stops us from doing a lot of things that we used to do. We used to just get in the car and drive wherever and now it's just like maybe let's just not go there, it costs too much it's not worth it," said Karen Carter.

AAA attributes the rising cost to lower gas inventories, coupled with a release of pent-up demand after a rough winter.  International issues also play a role, including the Ukraine-Russia crisis and tensions in the Middle East.  

There's a lingering deadline for U.S. refineries to switch over from winter to summer blends of gasoline, which means more drivers may put the brakes on summer plans.

"When i can afford to pay $75 to fill it up I do and that's here and there," said Latoria Lundy.

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