Proposed development on Beach Boulevard concerns residents

Critics question future effects on traffic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Plans for a massive housing development will be downsized if concerned Jacksonville residents have their way.

The Tamaya development wants to build 2,400 new homes, apartments and condos off Beach Boulevard in between Hodges and Kernan boulevards.

Some residents told Channel 4 that the roads around the proposed construction zone can't accommodate more vehicles.

"We never experience gridlock right now. I think we will when that happens," said Larry Stewart, a resident of the area. "Just the sheer volume of cars that have to come out to this road and exit onto Beach Boulevard, either direction will be horrendous."

T.R. Hainline represents Tamaya and said its plans have been public since 2005 and approved by the city.

"This growth has been on the books since 2005. Many improvements have been done and we are part of that growth the city planned to accommodate," Hainline said.

Hainline said the developer and the city have done traffic studies that show the area can handle the influx of people.

Tamaya officials said they would be happy to meet with concerned residents.

The next time a committee can take action will be Oct. 2.

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