Rash of car break-ins at local complex

Apartment residents upset over rash of crime

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Summer Oaks apartments residents woke up to smashed car windows Monday morning.

Residents at the Arlington Expressway apartment complex said they knew of six car break-ins in the parking lot. Frustrated renters said crime has become all to common.

"It's awful. Sad. People got to work. Somebody going to get hurt in these apartments," said one renter, who didn't want her identity to be released.

The latest string of crimes is frustrating many residents, including Jerry Mozes. Mozes has collected a pile of police reports from the complex in the past year.

"It's 53 pages of this apartment complex. Over 650 crimes out here," said Mozes.

One problem may be how much the management at Summer Oaks Apartments knows about the crimes. When Channel 4 stopped by the complex office they said that none of the car break-ins were reported to them. Renters said the complex does contract out security, but they complained about the gate always being left up, something we noticed as we drove in and out too.

Channel 4 Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson said a breakdown in communication between renters and apartment management only adds to the problem.

"By not advising management, you're not allowing new residents to be cheated by not knowing that there have been numerous break ins to cars. Management needs to be aware of that so they can work together, because management is a great tool for police. If they can't talk to resident they can talk to management to find out what's going on," said Jefferson.

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