Tim Tebow talks faith at Jacksonville church

Hometown hero pays a visit to Celebration Church on Palm Sunday

By Tarik Minor - Anchor, I-TEAM reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Hometown hero Tim Tebow paid a visit to the Celebration Church on Palm Sunday.  Congregation members say Tebow talked about growing up in Jacksonville, his football career and his faith.

"He's such a humble guy, he talked about fatherhood and being a good example, his coach and how we all can be leaders in whatever role we play in life. He's done wonderful work around the world with children as well" said Lori Reed who attends Celebration Church.

As part of Tim Tebows contract, Channel 4's camera was not allowed inside the church, but those who were there gladly shared his message.

"Tim painted the picture of a life after Christ and not a momentary experience. And I thought that was unique. He said we all have to have a plan with God and part of God's plan for us is to succeed" said John Reed who is a member of Celebration church.

Church members say Tebow told stories with a sense of humor. He talked about how his mother made him memorize scriptures and about remaining humble, instead of being proud.

On the field, Tebow has never been afraid to share his faith with others, and in his hometown of Jacksonville ,congregation members say the 25 year old New York Jet did not disappoint.

"No one can deny Tim is an incredible athlete but also he has a huge heart. He has a lot of integrity and our pastor sees that too, and that's why we wanted to give him the opportunity to speak with our church" said Jenny Huang who is a media spokesperson for Celebration Church.

Church members say Tebow also encouraged church members to use their platform to glorify God, whether non believers or critics like it or not.

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