Veterans Day Parade grand marshal offers advice

Master Sergeant Harold Davis, 95, leading parade

By Kumasi Aaron - Reporter/The Morning Show anchor , Samantha Rambeau

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Ninety-five-year-old Master Sgt. Harold Davis led Jacksonville's Veterans Day parade Monday as grand marshal.

"I feel like I'm ready to go out there and drill the troops again. I enjoy it," Davis said. "This uniform is 50 years old and it's the old issue, 100 percent wool. They don't make this anymore."

Marine Corp Master Sgt. Davis has decorated his home with the photos, medals and memories of his years in the service. He joined the service in 1938.

"The depression was on back then in the '30s, and I graduated in 1936 and there wasn't any work anywhere. So I joined the Marine Corps in 1938," Davis said.

IMAGES: Jacksonville's 2013 Veterans Day parade

That decision took him on a 20-year tour. He fought in the battles of Midway, Guadalcanal and in Okinawa. He said the memories of war are both good and bad.

"I just thank the Lord I got through what I did by the grace of God. I lost a lot of troops and I'm still here," Davis said. "And I talked to my chaplain and my chaplain says, 'Well, Sarge, it's like this: You're on the Lord's timetable. Your number ain't come up yet.''

On this Veterans Day, he has some advice for the men and women serving their country.

"Keep your mouth shut and do what they tell you, and if you don't, they'll kill you. That was my uncle's slogan when I went in the Marine Corps," Davis joked. "Just do your job. Do your job and keep active, read the Bible once a day, that helps you out."

He said a twice daily drink of Apple Cider vinegar and honey has kept him healthy.

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