World record flight lands in Jacksonville

Retired airline pilot, wife flew from Guam non-stop in single engine plane

World record flight lands in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE - A Washington D.C. man is now a world record holder for making the longest non-stop flight in a single=engine plane.  Captain William Harrelson flew non-stop from Guam to Jacksonville.

The retired American Airlines captain and his wife, Sue, created and built a Lancair VI.

The trip took more then 39 hours and a lot of extra fuel.

"If you've done your job, all those things that could go wrong, you need to think about your thought about before and you either decided not to do it, or work some way around it, or accepted the risks," said Harrelson. "Say, you know if this happens I'm going to die; it's a very real possibility. But this is my form of adventure and I think it's a necessary part of life."

Harrleson said his future plans include a polar flight, but says he wants to recover from this journey first.

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