Jordan Davis' family attorney reacts to interrogation videos

Michael Dunn accused of shooting, killing 17-year-old Davis

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Michael Dunn's interrogation videos were released Monday and for the first time, we heard Dunn describe what happened the night 17-year-old Jordan Davis was shot and killed.

Channel 4 sat down with Jordan Davis' family attorney, John Phillips to get his reaction to the interrogation.

"What you saw is a man thinking on the fly and coming up with a story that officers would go along with, because he realized it didn't happen the way he thought," said Phillips.

The interview took place the day after the shooting at a Southside gas station in Jacksonville. Dunn told police he saw one of the teens reach for something inside the SUV that he thought was a gun, then Dunn said he thought the teen was going to get out of the SUV.

Dunn said that's when he decided to reach for the gun in his own glove box and started shooting in self-defense.

Police said, there's no evidence anyone got out of the SUV that night or that the teens inside the SUV had a gun.

"He says Jordan's door was open when he first started shooting," said Phillips. "Well, given the trajectory, given Michael Dunn's car is lower and further ahead, it's clear that Jordan's door was closed."

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"Well the doors opening and he's stepping out, and you go and reach and by the time you come up blazing, he's still sitting in the truck," said Dunn. "Well maybe I am not as fast with the whole thing as I think I am."

Phillips said that Dunn's irrational claims of self defense prove that the stand your ground law is weak.

"Guns are there for us to use for protection when someone is coming at us, not to shoot down any contemplation of threat, where someone is singing a rap song at you," said Phillips. "Make sure before you kill somebody because you can't take that back."

Channel 4 reached out to Corey Strolla Monday night for comment on his client's interrogation tapes. Channel 4's calls to Strolla's office were not returned.

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