JSO investigates police-involved shooting

Police say suspect in truck was fatally shot

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is investigating a police-involved shooting on the Northside that happened late Thursday afternoon.

Investigators were called to the 13300 block of Lem Turner Road at Terrell Road just after 5 p.m.

SWAT officers said they were at the academy doing training on duty, left for dinner break in an unmarked car.

While driving, the officers said they saw a truck come up aside another car, ram the car a few times, causing the truck to flip.

As they were pulling off to help, a woman in the car gets out and told police, "That's my ex-husband. He is trying to kill me," she said.

The man was trapped in the flipped truck. Two of the officers went out to go help him out. The third, SWAT officer Jared Reston, stood back and covered the two men helping the suspect out of the truck.

Officers said they tried to get the man out of the truck. The officer covering saw a gun within reach of the suspect. Reston told the man not to reach for his weapon.

Police said the man didn't listen and reached for his weapon, that's when Reston opened fire and killed him.

Police do confirm there was an order of protection between the man and the woman.

Police did not confirm identities Thursday evening.

A news conference will be held Friday morning at 11 am.

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