JTA building new $6M bus terminal

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Many Jacksonville bus riders may be happy to hear they'll have a brand new terminal next year.

Downtown commuters may be happy, too, because right now they complain it's a headache navigating around the terminal because of the buses, but the plethora of taxis that park there and clog up the traffic lane.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority, in coordination with Greyhound, is building a new $6 million bus terminal.

The new terminal will be on JTA property near the Prime Osborn Convention Center. The hopes of the new terminal is to improve the public transportation system.

JTA thinks more people will want to ride the bus when there's a new terminal, which would take more cars off the roadways during peak travel times.

"We realize that we've been doing a really good job of expanding the road system, but you can only expand roads so far and you have to have a strong public transportation system to support that," said Brad Thoburn, vice president of long range planning for JTA.

Greyhound will pay $46,000 each year for a 40-year lease on the new building.

The current Greyhound terminal will be sold. The terminal will be finished in 2014.

"This is an intercity bus terminal and Greyhound is the major tenant, but other intercity bus providers could use it," Thoburn said.

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