Ken Jefferson on Zimmerman's safety after verdict

Expert says George Zimmerman may have to disguise himself

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Channel 4's Crime and Safety Analyst Ken Jefferson says George Zimmerman's life as he once knew it no longer exists and now his life must change.

"What Zimmerman is going to have to realize is that everywhere he goes he's going to be scrutinized," Jefferson says. "Everyone he talks to he's going to be criticized. There are a lot of Zimmerman supporters that will lift him up, but there are more opposers I think than there are supporters."

While no one knows exactly what Zimmerman plans to do, Jefferson says George Zimmerman would probably have to leave the state of Florida.

"He may even for a temporary time take on an assumed identity by somehow disguising himself or growing a beard or trying to cover his facial features up," Jefferson says.

Jefferson believes there are people that look at the criminal justice system as a matter of excuse to do what they want to do when they disagree with it.

Jefferson reiterates, "George Zimmerman is going to have to change his lifestyle, change his location, and maybe even disguise himself somewhat."

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