LaCoste launches 'Rouge,' new scent to fragrance line

Last year, the House of LaCoste, the iconic manufacture of Izod and Lacoste clothing, launched a a fragrance line for men: L.12.12. This season, they have introduced 'Rouge' to the already successful stable of men's colognes and scents.…

Less than a year after LACOSTE launched its first ever collection of male fragrances, fragrances introduces new Rouge– a joyous and energetic addition to the collection. Inspired by one of the world's most iconic pieces of clothing – the LACOSTE shirt, the collection symbolises the transformation of the shirt into a fragrance. Rouge is a dynamic, masculine, fresh and spicy fragrance that perfectly complements the existing editions: Blanc, Bleu and Vert.

The Inspiration
Inspired by the white polo shirt designed by René Lacoste in the late 1920s, Blanc captures the transformation of the iconic polo shirt into a fragrance. Each fragrance within the EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 collection represents a mood – pure for Blanc, relaxed for Vert and powerful for Bleu, so the wearer can choose his scent, according to how he feels or even how he wants to feel. New Rouge is about reinvigorating his outlook, interrupting his daily routine with playful bursts of energy which inject a sense of excitement and dynamism into his life.

The Fragrance
The latest addition to the Fragrance Collection is a scent based on a triple blend of spices – ginger, black pepper and cardamom. When first sprayed, the fragrance is introduced with a refreshing, colourful blast of iced red tea, spiked with spicy mandarin liqueur and juicy mango. A second energy burst of notes emerges through a stimulating spice cocktail of Madagascan black pepper, Indian ginger and Guatemalan cardamom, creating a vibrating contrast. The long lasting signature of this aromatic woody creation sustains its character through acacia wood accompanied by golden Laos benzoin and labdanum.

The result? A masculine and spicy fragrance with a spirit that can be captured in one word – ENERGETIC – making Rouge the perfect addition to the existing collection.Why Red? Not only is it one of the classic shirt colours, red is seen as emotionally intense. It is an alluring and tempting colour, symbolising confidence and courage in its wearer. Above all red represents life. The most dynamic and energetic shade in the colour spectrum, like Rouge, it symbolises life and vitality.

The Packaging
Like the original trio of Blanc, Bleu and Vert, Rouge is captured in a glass flacon that has been created to mirror the chic simplicity and shape of the shirt, complete with a textured piqué panel running down the side of the bottle. A real textile crocodile logo sits at the heart of the flacon, a recognisable symbol of the brand and a tribute to the forward-thinking René Lacoste who pioneered the concept of putting a logo on the outside of a garment. The bottle is fittingly coloured red to depict both its name and the energy it conveys. The flacon is housed in an elegant outer carton in its matching colour with the textured material of the carton once again reflecting the petit piqué woven cotton of the shirt.

Rouge is a pretty awesome scent It lives up to its billing as warm and energetic, and actually comes off as downright sensual. Using the fragrance in a variety of situations and settings, it is definitely the bottle that you want for intimate settings, either of the friendship or romantic variety. It has that right touch of sweetness and spice that sets a mood for more personal interactions. Well worth the bottle price, its perfect to fill that void in the marketplace left by the departure of Envy a few seasons ago. Not that it is similar to Gucci's trademark fragrance. Rouge is definitely a more subtle toned down, complex and approachable scent. But the warmth and spicy after notes are truly masculine and delightful.

This is a date night, dinner fragrance and even family reunion worthy.

Article by Stephen Dare



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