Lawyers in teen's shooting death await evidence

Discovery materials to be released at end of month

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The state attorney's office continues preparing its case against Michael Dunn, who's accused of firing shots into a SUV carrying four teenagers at a gas station, killing Jordan Davis in a dispute over loud music the day after Thanksgiving.

The evidence won't be released in discovery until the end of this month, but the lawyer representing Davis' family says he believes he knows what's on the way.

John Phillips, the attorney handling a civil case against Dunn on behalf of Davis' family, says Dunn's attorneys are guilty of defamation and that the facts won't support Dunn's defense.

"Now we're to the point we're looking at evidence," Phillips said. "It's about to be released, and guess what: It doesn't fit what we've been told."

Phillips also represents two of the three other teens who were in the SUV.

Since the shooting, the back-and-forth stories include this claim by Michael Dunn's second attorney, Cory Strolla, on the case:

"I fully expect the evidence to show that that SUV took off and left the scene and came back. As a matter of fact, from the reports I've seen, that red SUV pulled right back in to the same exact spot it was."

Strolla's statement last month implied that any evidence in Dunn's claim that people in the SUV had a shotgun and threatened him could have been disposed of.

Phillips thinks the evidence and witness testimonies will dispose of that possibility. He's also calling the claims a breach of etiquette among attorneys.

"This is like long division, show you math," Phillips said. "Show me where the evidence is. Show me this mystery footage that's supposedly around showing this gun. There is none."

Strolla said in a phone interview that he hasn't defamed anyone, not even the driver of the SUV who he says was breaking his parole the night of the shooting.

Talking about Phillips, Strolla said, "I don't know who he's going after, but I know he didn't use my name."

"The facts will come out in court," Strolla said.

"It was Black Friday, everybody was out, people were eating," Phillips said. "Not only that parking lot, from the adjoining parking lot, they didn't leave the scene."

"We're two weeks away from having this all out in open court," Phillips added.

Phillips said it appears 10 bullets were fired, and two or three struck Davis. Phillips believes the evidence will change the perception of Dunn and his actions by any of his defenders.

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