Local group spreads wisdom to Jacksonville youth

By Elizabeth Campbell - Reporter, Nick Jones - Producer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Michael Dunn trial has brought forth much emotion from people across the nation and here in Jacksonville, where many local organizations are holding rallies, protests and events.

Save our Sons is a group that wants to keep young black males out of trouble and provide them with leadership and preparation to live a Godly, successful life.

The leader of Save our Sons said he was sitting in the courtroom listening to the Michael Dunn trial when he felt the need to share words of wisdoms with Jacksonville's black youth.

Dr. John Guns said getting teens home to their parents every night is most important.

"Sometimes, it's better to just walk away because you can be the bigger person," said Guns.

That's something Christopher Wright took away from Guns' sermon Sunday morning.

Guns is the pastor and founder of Save our Sons. He aims his message at keeping boys and teens from getting hurt or even killed during confrontations -- much like the one that resulted in Jordan Davis losing his life.

"Sometimes you have to understand that response is not the best response, or sometimes just understand that your life is much bigger than this moment," said Guns. "Don't get absorbed in a moment that can work against you in the end."

Guns also wants young men to be more involved in the church. That's where he said they can be empowered, equipped and prepared to become better people and make better decisions.

"There's a certain perception that every situation begins with, and its challenging for us to manage it," Guns said. "But we have to learn with restraint and respect and responsibility to manage the situations."

Richard Green also attended the service. He said Davis' death is a tragic reminder to always avoid confrontation and make good decisions.

"Walk away from the negativity that's happening nowadays," said Green. "There's a lot going on, and you have to walk away from the situation and don't let people's perception of you judge you."

Another message Guns had for the young men in attendance was that image should never matter. What matters is how you act and respond and to always make the right decisions.

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