MAD DADs march to find answers in torturous killing

Non-profit against violence ask questions, pray for answers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A family and community say they are determined to find answers in the torture and death of a Jacksonville man.

One year ago, police say 53-year-old Manooch Karimi was tortured and killed inside a Northside home.

In his honor, Karimi's family joined members of MAD DADs for an event aimed at finding new leads in the case.

Karimi's wife, Linda, said she found out the suspects did steal something inside: The safe with only $10 in it, and left her husband dead and brutally beaten.

"You have no idea of what kind of person that you murdered," said Linda.

Karimi's family said he was a hard-working, honest man with no enemies.

"He was a good man, I just don't see why anyone would have to do that to him," said Brandon, Karimi's son.

A year ago, Karimi's family said he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, house-sitting for his cousin on Longreene Road when he was brutally tortured and killed.

"I got a knock on the door with the worst news of our life, you know?" said Linda. "That he had been shot, that he had been shot several times and they tortured him. They were hitting him with a crowbar and they broke his arms. I mean, it was a horrible death, what my husband suffered."

The motive remains unknown at this time and the suspects still haven't been caught.

One year later, Karimi's family is still searching for clues.

A non-profit against violence called MAD DADs got together Saturday to canvass the Northside community, asking questions and praying for answers.

The head of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office homicide unit said detectives want to solve the case, but they don't have a lot to go on. They said tips have run dry.

"He gave no one a reason to do this to him for whatever reason it was, so you know, we have to bring someone to justice for it and that's rock bottom," said Donald Foy of MAD DADs.

Until then, Karimi's family say they will continue searching while suffering the loss of the man they can't stand living without.

"He was an angel on earth and he was loved by all of us and by everybody," said Linda.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845 TIPS.

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