Man claims he was scammed by Brunswick commissioner

Man says he was promised clean record, police job for $500

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - A man says he was scammed by a Brunswick City Commissioner who was recently held overnight on charges of influencing a witness and obstructing a police officer in the shooting death of a 1-year-old boy.

Joseph Mungin said he thought his dreams were about to come true after meeting with Brunswick City Commissioner James Brooks in 2010.

"Honestly, I was so proud," said Mungin. "I couldn't wait to tell my parents I'm a police officer now."

Mungin, 30, said Brooks told him he had the power to remove his misdemeanor sexual misconduct conviction so that he could become an officer of the law.

"If you could clear my record, everybody screws up and I screwed up," said Mungin. "I just wanted a chance to prove to society that I am not what they think I am."

Mungin said he and Brooks came to an agreement, but the agreement came with a cost.

"James Brooks tells me he was a felon and he was in prison. He said he cleared his record and he could also clear my record. He said there's a lot of people's records he has cleared," said Mungin. "Anybody can help me, it's him, he said if I pay him so much money, and I'm not rich."

According to the Camden County Grand Jury Indictment released Friday, Brooks unlawfully took $500 from Mungin in an alleged racketeering scheme. Mungin said he didn't think he was doing anything wrong since he was dealing with a city official.

Mungin said he paid Brooks in cash.

"So, I waited and waited and nothing transpired. Nothing happened, so I decided to call the authorities. This guy stole my money," said Mungin.

Nearly three years later, Mungin said he never got his money back and he is still having trouble finding work. Mungin believes Brooks is a crook and said the racketeering case against him, proves it.

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