Man hit by car that fled scene; neighbors concerned about roadway safety

Pedestrian critical after being struck by 2nd car

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A man was critically injured after being hit by two cars, one of which left the scene, on the Southside on Friday afternoon, according to Jacksonville police.

Police said the man was crossing Hogan Road at Belfort Road at about 4:30 p.m. when he was hit by a car heading east.

That car fled the scene, then the man was hit by another car, police said. They said the second car stopped.

Neighbors who heard about the crash said it's an area where people drive way too fast.

Aaron Journigan and his brother Chase walk along Hogan Road alot. Even though the speed limit is 35, they said it looks like drivers go a lot faster.

"We take serious precautions when we cross," Aaron Journigan said. "I skate a lot and my house is right there, so I take time to make sure that there are no cars coming because you never know what could happen."

City Councilman Don Redman said the city of Jacksonville has a lot of work to do to make roadways  like this one  safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

"In the next few weeks this road here is going to be resurfaced, so I am pushing to get better pedestrian bike lanes and crossings on this street, as they are doing the resurfacing," Redman said.

The injured man was taken to UF Health Jacksonville in life-threatening condition, and investigators are trying to put together a description of the vehicle that drove away.

Police are talking to witnesses to try to get more details on what happened.

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