Man punched stranger at Gate gas station

Surveillance video shows Stewart Bond punching customer

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JACKSONVILLE - Sheldon Bryant told Channel 4 Tuesday night he still doesn't know why he was punched inside the Gate station on Collins Road back in January.

Surveillance video shows Bryant being punched by Stewart Bond, right at the register inside the Gate station.

"Someone tapped me on my shoulder said something. I was like okay and I'm paying for my items and the next thing I know I'm getting up trying to run after this guy," said Bryant.

Bryant was buying a loaf of bread and a coke when Stewart Bond (right) walked into the store, asked Bryant a question, and out of nowhere punched Bryant in the head. After the episode Bond ran for it and Bryant tried to follow him.

Bryant told Channel 4, even months after the attack, he is still baffled by it.

"Why would someone do that?" Channel 4's Emily Turner asked Bryant.

"I have no clue. I would like to know myself. I would like to be able and ask him why cause I don't even know this guy," said Bryant.

Bond was found guilty on charges of battery and driving while his license was permanently revoked. Bond's license was revoked after being convicted of four DUI's in eight years. Bond faces five years in prison and Bryant said he hopes he serves every one of them.

"He has problems and needs to go away for a while and think about what he did and who he hurt," said Bryant.

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