Man rescues 5 after Black Creek boat crash

By Kumasi Aaron - Reporter/The Morning Show anchor

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. - A Good Samaritan is speaking out after coming to the rescue several women and children hurt in a boat crash Tuesday afternoon on Black Creek.

Florida Fish and Wildlife says the boat was headed to Knights Boat Ramp when the driver lost control, sending the boat 25 feet into the woods along the shore and injuring five women and children on board.

A 19-year-old said he was closed enough to hear that crash. Richie McVea hopped in his boat rushed to the area, where he spotted the boat well into the woods.

"There was one lady in the water trying to wave us down. We saw that the others, everybody else, was just on the boat," McVea said.

McVea says he flagged down another boat and helped half of the people onto that boat the other half onto his.  They were able to take seven people to safety.  Rescue personnel took five of them to the hospital.

"They were really confused they were trying to figure out where they were and all that, and it was scary because we didn't know how hurt they were," McVea said.

Richie McVea said he thanks God he was near enough to hear the crash and be able to help.  He said it is what anyone would have done.

"(I'm) just another person just tying to help out," McVea said. "That was my place and time to do something, so I did it."

FWC said their investigation into what happened is ongoing

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