Marissa Alexander's attorney speaks about case

Woman at home on bond after conviction overturned

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Marissa Alexander appears at a bond hearing.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's been a week since Marissa Alexander was released from jail on bond.

She was last in court Nov. 13, and on Wednesday, her attorney spoken publicly for the first time since then.

Alexander's case continues to get national attention because of her "stand your ground" defense. She was serving 20 years in prison for shooting a gun at her husband and his two children. She claimed it was in self-defense.

A judge denied the stand your ground claim, saying Alexander left the house and came back with the gun.

The appeals court recently overturned Alexander's conviction and ordered a new trial because of faulty jury instructions, and a judge allowed her to bond out last week.

Alexander has to follow strict guidelines while at home under electronic monitoring.

Her attorney, Bruce Zimet, said he is preparing for the case, adding that Alexander is doing well and getting reacquainted with her teenage children.

No one answered the door at Alexander's mother's home Wednesday.

Supporters of Alexander said they have not talked with her face to face but have on the phone.

"She is spending a lot of time with her kids and her family and adjusting," Zimet said in a phone interview. "I guess the best expression is catching up for three years she has been away with them, who are now teenagers. And every mom who has teenagers knows it's a day-to-day, I would not say struggle, but a way to keep up with their lives."

Zimet and Alexander are preparing for court again, with another hearing set for next month. Zimet didn't want to talk about his defense strategies, but previously had said he would not ask for a stand your ground hearing.

Meanwhile, he said Alexander is staying put at home.

"She has had several job offers, but the order of the court requires her to stay in the residence 24 hours a day, with certain specified exceptions," Zimet said. "So she will not be working during this time period, so she is reacclimating herself, obviously, and we have lots of preparation to go though to get ready for her trial."

One of Alexander's biggest supporters is Rep. Corrine Brown, who had been pushing for her release. Brown said she has been in contact with Alexander and was glad she was home for Thanksgiving.

"Marissa hears them," Zimet said. "She is incredibly appreciative of their support, and the support gives her a lot of strength as she continues her battle to get through this case."

"I have talked to her and talked to her mother, and I talked to her family," Brown said. "I am working to set up a meeting with her, and I want to make sure it's OK with her attorney and everybody involved. There are very strict rules, and I want to make sure I don't violate any of those rules."

Alexander is due in court Jan. 15. Her trial is set for March 31.

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