Meals on Wheels clients trying to get by without program

By Ashley Harding - Reporter
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - For some Meals on Wheels clients in Jacksonville, the cuts to the program have been devastating.

That's especially true for those who depend on getting that hot meal every day.

Eighty-six-year-old Olamae Lott said she's blessed enough to get by, but she worries about those who may not be able to.

Lott loves to sing about her friends over at Meals on Wheels, a program she relied on for 13 years, not only for a hot meal, but a chance to visit with some great people.

"To get one meal a day and know that you're going to get that meal, and to have people out there serving you and treating you as if you're a brother," Lott said.

She is among the 100 clients to lose service due to city budget cuts that took effect nearly two weeks ago. She's getting help from family and friends at church.

"We're continuing our public appeal for additional dollars," said Tourea Robinson, of Aging True, which runs the Meals on Wheels program.

Robinson said the group has really had to step up its fundraising effort, but she said thankfully no one has had to be laid off due to the budget.

As for Lott, she's going to keep on singing and having faith that there will be soon be an answer.

"I'll look to the Lord, trust in him, and I know there's always somebody out there who's going to do good for somebody," she said.

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