Memorial held for Glynn Co. woman killed in 'freak accident'

Kaleigh Miller, friend killed by fallen tree

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - Family and friends said their final goodbyes to a Glynn County mother who was killed the day before Thanksgiving.

Kaleigh Miller's memorial service was held at Edo Miller Funeral Home Tuesday night. 

Investigators say Miller and her best friend, Ashley Akra were traveling down Blythe Island Highway when a tree snapped and crashed onto Miller's car, killing both women.

Miller leaves behind three children, the youngest is just 4 months old. Miller's mother will now raise them.

"If I didn't have my grandchildren, I don't know if I could wake up," said Carla Miller. "As a mother, I am devastated. It's like you bring these children in the world and you never expect to bury them."

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Carla says Kaleigh wanted to be cremated. At the memorial, loved ones reflected on fond memories of Miller.

"She was always there to help somebody no matter what," said Miller's friend, Mary Cordova.

It's a loss of life that family and friends say was senseless.

"If she had gotten into a car wreck, okay, you can see it, accidents happen, but this did not have to happen," Carla Miller said.

Carla said it's a known fact in the community that many of the trees are old and rotten near that road.

"Who do you think is responsible for your daughter's death?" asked Channel 4's Tim Pulliam.

"The people who are in charge of that road," said Miller.

"You've failed these young ladies. You've failed a family, children," said family friend, Gayle Coleman. "Kaleigh has three children that's not going to have a mother now because of a tree. Did you do your job? Probably not cause this wouldn't have happened."

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