MOCA's One Spark mystery artist revealed

Jacksonville artist Shaun Thurston is ‘Project Atrium: One Spark' creator

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Museum of Contemporary Art has unveiled the creator of 'Project Atrium: One Spark' as Shaun Thurston. He's been transforming walls all over Jacksonville and is taking over MOCA's Project: Atrium with his latest artwork.

Thurston officially started painting in the museum's atrium space Wednesday. While the artist has been unveiled, Thurston's artwork itself will remain behind a gigantic curtain. It will be unveiled at 7:45 p.m. on April 9th, the first day of One Spark.

"I hope [people] take away the inspiration to contribute to the landscape of the city, said Thurston. "I really want to kind of pave the path for other artists to get out and do the same thing."

Last year, Thurston participated in One Spark with a project called "20 Murals in a Year." He pledged that he would use the crowdfunding money voters gave him on artwork throughout the city. He earned about $4,100 and used it to help pay for materials. This year's atrium project is the final product. Thurston hopes his murals throughout town will encourage others.

"It's hard work being one of a handful of people doing this when I want to see the entire city saturated with color and artwork," said Thurston. "So I hope that other creative people -- other artists -- are inspired. And that I've helped remove some of the mental barricades that keep them from being able to put work up."

Four satellite murals have already been created around town. They are at:

  • 937 N. Main St.
  • 1100 N. Main St.
  • 632 W. Forsyth St.
  • 801 W. Forsyth St.

The murals serve as a connection between Thurston's street work and the new museum work.

Thurston, a Jacksonville native, attended Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. His murals have become favorites with the public. Mural locations include at Chamblin's Uptown in downtown Jacksonville and outside of the The Blind Fig in Riverside.

One Spark is April 9 - 13th in downtown Jacksonville.

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