Mom prays for toddler's recovery

TV, dresser fell on toddler Saturday

By Ashley Harding - Reporter , Chris Robbins - Producer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The mother of Dinero Rinder, 2, told Channel 4 that her son is showing small signs of improvement and breathing on his own after a TV and dresser fell on top of him Saturday.

"My foot is crushed. The dresser, I caught it," Rinder's mother Caressa Sanchez said. "It landed on my leg, so it crushed my foot. But I'm more concerned about my child. My foot will recover, my heart would never recover if something fatal had happened."

Sanchez said Rinder is partially sedated and she won't leave his side until he recovers.

"We're just waiting. We haven't been given a time on when he'll be able to leave, but we're not rushing it, we want him to get better," Sanchez said.

The family also has two other children. Sanchez said although there's uncertainty, the support from the community is lifting their spirits and strengthening their faith that their baby boy will pull through.

"Our religion is very strong," Sanchez said. "We believe that he has the best doctors. They've been praying for him. I think he will be fine, I do."

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