More brides complain about Jacksonville wedding company

Channel 4 learns company was evicted

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - More brides are reaching out to Channel 4 and sharing their problems with Alpha and Omega Event Consultants.

"I did lose close to $7,000 -- $2,000 of that did go to the venue which was at a loss because I did not have my wedding there," Latasha Armstrong told Channel 4. "She's just a dream shatterer (sic) because the woman that was on the news last night, it's the exact same situation."

Tuesday night, a Jacksonville woman, who asked Channel 4 to keep her identity private, told about her experience with Alpha and Omega Event Consultants. The woman said the company walked away with nearly $10,000 of her hard-earned cash and failed to pay the vendors for her upcoming March wedding.

"We're still having to find, you know, caterers, DJs, flowers. We literally have nothing at this point," the woman told Channel 4 Tuesday night.

Since Tuesday's story aired, an attorney for Alpha and Omega Event Consultants asked Channel 4 for a retraction, stating that the story that aired on Tuesday night was "full of lies." The attorney for the company denied Channel 4's request for an interview, saying the bride-to-be Channel 4 spoke with on Tuesday was in breach of contract.

Channel 4 contacted the bride-to-be over the phone again to explain.

"I'm angered by it because that's just not true. No one would intentionally lie on any company like that. I did not breach a contract. I was working as my own wedding planner. With that being said, the contract they are referring to, it's the wrong wedding date. The budget is incorrect," the bride-to-be told Channel 4 Wednesday.

A former employee at Alpha and Omega Event Consultants told Channel 4 that the company closed its doors Monday. Channel 4 called the phone number posted on the company's website and it was disconnected. Channel 4 also contacted the store owner's cellphone, the number the brides were given and told was the store owner's. The woman who answered the phone said she wasn't affiliated with the company and quickly hung up, claiming she was in the hospital.

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According to a post on the company's Facebook page, Alpha and Omega Event Consultants is moving to a new location. Its attorney said that her client didn't want to tell Channel 4 the company's new location.

Latasha Armstrong told Channel 4 she hopes the company will come clean with what is happening.

"God bless you. You know? I hope he has mercy on you, and that you can sleep well at night knowing that you have done this to dozens of people," said Armstrong.

On Tuesday Channel 4 also received an email from a person who claims to be a current employee at Alpha and Omega. The person who emailed also explained that the company is relocating.

Channel 4 obtained documents filed by the Clerk of the Circuit Court that show as of Feb. 11, 2014, Alpha and Omega Event Planners was evicted because it owed more than $22,000 in rent that had gone unpaid since last April.

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